Emma Stevens - Nothing Serious

  • Жанр: Rock / Зарубежная
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  • Длительность: 04:37
Текст песни:
It was nothing serious
When we went on that first date
It was nothing serious
When you crashed at my place
I pretended it was nothing
When you said can I leave my things
It was cool when I called and your message had changed
To «Hey guys we’re not in»
Is there a time?
Do you ever know
If love is real
Or a game he’ll just let go?
When you said you’d found the one
And the days and weeks turned into months
When you said what would I be
Without you lying next to me
When you said I miss you more
Than anyone I’ve ever missed before
I only wish I knew
If this was more than nothing serious for you
I guess that nothing serious
was the easy place to start
I kept it nothing serious
‘til I could trust your heart
I pretended I was nonchalant
Like I didn’t care so much
But in truth I was hooked and I’d fallen in love
Couldn’t live without your touch
Is there a time? …
When you said you’d found the one…
Remember when we heard the news
Corridors and waiting rooms
Test results and sleepless nights
Nervous smiles and precious life
And all those times you held me close
Holding on to fragile hope
You always said «we'll be ok»
When I was lost and so afraid
When everybody else was gone
You were there, you were strong
And finally I knew
That this was more than nothing serious for you
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