Emma Stevens - So Stop the World

Emma Stevens - So Stop the World
  • Жанр: Rock / Зарубежная
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  • Длительность: 03:14
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Текст песни
It’s another Monday morning
and I’ve gotta leave before you wake up
I’m fighting through that traffic half asleep under my makeup
Guess I wasn’t made right for the city life
Cos every night I’m dreaming there’s a place
Where the hours turn to days
Real life evaporates
So come on let’s slip away
Stop the world I wanna get off
Stop the noise and stop the clocks
Cos you and me got a little catching up to do
Ooh yeah
Sure won’t hurt to take some time
The world keeps spinning around just fine
And the only thing I need right now is you
So stop the world
Just stop the world
I know I said to catch that dream you gotta go out there and get it
But ambition’s like the bottle it’ll kill you if you let it
Well I don’t wanna be a winner if I lose the only thing I can’t replace
And that look upon your face
Says I left it a little late
So come on let’s slip away yeah
Stop the world I wanna get off…
And a long hot summer night
Just you and my guitar
I’ll be lying in your arms out underneath the stars
Don’t you hear that highway calling
Calling out our names?
C’mon baby
It’s not too late…
Stop the world I wanna get off…
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